Domestic Waste Recycling

Domestic Waste Recycling Photo There is a wide range of services and facilities for recycling the domestic waste. As well as reducing the volume of waste going to landfill sites, recycling and composting your domestic waste helps to minimise charges for waste collection. Many of the items used in the home can be recycled. The benefits of recycling include a cleaner environment, the safe disposal of hazardous materials, greater awareness of excess packaging and a careful approach to the use and re-use of materials. In order to reduce the strain on the environment from the deposition of waste in landfills and combustion at incineration plants, several governments throughout the industrialized world have planned greatly increased recycling of domestic waste by the turn of the millennium. Let us meet and exchange the knowledge over the recycling of domestic waste and the latest on-going projects in this field at Recycling Conference Dubai.
  • Classification of domestic wastes
  • Organic waste
  • toxic waste

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