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Metals have the advantage to be recycled continuously without having any changes in their properties. According to the AISI, among all the metals steel is the one to be recycled the most. Metal recycling involves the separation of ferrous metals from non-ferrous metals. This is one of the most important steps in the metal recycling. In case of ferrous metals as they contain the iron component they can be separated with the help of magnets. In the process of separating metals from a mixed bunch of materials, first paper is taken out leaving behind plastics and metals. The next step involves the application of electric current through which only metals are affected this procedure is known as Eddy Current Separation. For separating precious metals like gold, platinum sophisticated and technologically advanced equipment are required. Presently, the uses of infra-red scanning and x-ray have become quite desired as they identify metals through the use of sensors. To indulge in more regarding new innovative technologies of Metal Recycling join Recycling 2019.

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