Rubber Recycling

Rubber Recycling Photo Rubber has become very prominent in industries as far as its production is concerned. It's reckoned that most of the 22 million tons of rubber that is processed every year worldwide goes into making vehicle tires and that once rubber products reach the end of their useful lives, for the most part they end up being incinerated. Even when the rubber residues are reclaimed and re-used to make new products, there were lack of techniques for producing high-quality materials. Looking for new ways to optimize the recycling of rubber waste, researchers have developed techniques and materials for manufacturing high quality products. Expand your research knowledge by joining us at Recycling Conference to explore the current trends and techniques involved in rubber recycling.
  • Landfill Disposals
  • Tire pyrolysis
  • Tire-Derived Products
  • Stockpiles and Legal Dumping
  • Vulcanization

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