Solid Waste Management

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Solid Waste management can be defined as the treatment of day to day discarded material which is ultimately of no use to mankind or has served its role and no longer required. Solid wastes are generated from various sources like residential, industrial, municipal wastes, Hospital/ Biomedical Waste. Generally due to inappropriate disposal of wastes, there is adverse effect on the surrounding environment.

Different ways to combat solid waste management:

Sanitary landfills: In this method the bottom of the landfill is covered with layers of sand and plastic so that the wastes don’t percolate to ground water. Then the garbage are dumped and spread out in layers and covered with clay, soil, gravel and soil.

Incineration: This method utilizes burning of solid wastes at high temperatures thereby reducing the volume of waste to a much lesser volume along with reduction of weight and giving rise to ashes.

Recovery and Recycling: The main aim is to reduce landfills and also reuse the discarded items.

Composting: Biodegradable waste materials are used for this purpose, and the product of composting can be used for agricultural purposes. 

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